Pray for the Boy


His biological father is undedicated, haven’t participated.
All his role models are miseducated, however, animated. So he is fascinated with what they have fabricated.
His peers are often intoxicated, incarcerated.
He hangs with them to feel validated.
By his peers, he is manipulated
And told to be a casanova or be emasculated.
The boy fears he would look queer if he deviates it.
The surrounding status quo is perpetuated.
The racial stereotypes are tolerated.
They expect him to get someone impregnated
As opposed to being among the graduated.
Pray the boy doesn’t cross a cop who is racist
And imitate a stuntman in The Matrix.
Pray he doesn’t become the result of self-hatred,
Lashing out at every female who is melanated.
Pray he surpasses this phase and is awakened.
Pray he is elated, not humiliated.
All things considered, pray the boy makes it.


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