richard pryor’s son gets booed off stage


Showtime at the Apollo is back!

Showtime at the Apollo was America’s Got Talent back in the day. Not only is the show back, but so is one of its original hosts, Steve Harvey. Of course, the man is damn near everywhere now. Harvey hosted back in the ’90s, and the show helped launch his career.


Steve Harvey hosting back in the day.

But enough about Steve Harvey. You came to read about Richard Pryor’s youngest son (Mason Pryor) and why the hell he was booed off the stage.

Mason started performing stand-up comedy in 2007 after he graduated from high school. With over a decade of experience, Mason has performed at clubs like Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store, following in his father’s footsteps. So he thought he take on the Apollo Theater for some exposure.

Well, the audience of the Apollo Theater is known to be the toughest of them all. So, naturally, Mason was intimidated.

Mason started out with, “Man, I’m nervous. I can literally hear my dad up in Heaven right now like ‘Boy, you better not mess this up’.” The audience laughed. But things went south when he made a joke about Donald Trump. Either there were Trump supporters in the audience, or his joke was not funnyor both. Harvey was in the corner, looking concerned.

Steve Harvey

When Steve Harvey makes this face, we have a problem.

People started booing. Mason got defensive and stopped performing.

Come on, Mason. The show must go on. Some people told him to continue. It was too late. The infamous siren went off, and out came the tap-dancing Sandman.

After Mason’s walk of shame, Harvey asked the crowd to show mercy, for Mason is the son of Richard Pryor, one of Harvey’s big inspirations, if not the biggest, to pursue comedy.

Mason is not the first performer to be booed at the Apollo Theater, and many more will be booed after him. Lauryn Hill, a Grammy-winning musician, got booed at the theater in the late ’80s. Lauryn was only four. I’m just kidding. She was thirteen. When she sang “Whose Lovin’ You” by The Jackson 5, they booed. But she kept singing and won the crowd over.

Shortly after being booed, Mason got a chance to go back on stage and redeem himself. There was a better reaction from the audience this time. Mason survived the Apollo Theater audience.


Mason Pryor at the Apollo Theater.

After the Apollo performance, many people say Mason should give up comedy.

Mason is no Richard Pryor. He will never be his father. But neither will anybody else. Richard was a comic genius, a rarity.

Did I laugh at Manson’s performance? Not out loud. Is he funny? He has potential. He should pursue comedy because he has a passion for it. Yes, there will be haters. That comes with the territory. All the greats were rejected at some point. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper company because of his so-called lack of creativity. Bankers rejected him hundreds of times for his Mickey Mouse idea they thought was silly. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter manuscript was rejected twelve times before being published. Look at her now. The woman’s net worth is over half a billion dollars. Mason can go far if he applies the three P’s (persistence, perseverance, patience).

You can watch new episodes of Showtime at the Apollo Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.


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