slow progress > no progress


Moving at snail’s pace? It could be worst. You could be stagnant, or even worse, moving backwards.

We have to remember our lives are just that, our lives, not a race. Some of us believe if we’re not in a certain place at a certain time in our lives, we are running behind. I call that the White Rabbit Syndrome. White Rabbit Syndrome is the feeling of being late, left behind, or not up to par. Remember how in Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit constantly says he’s late? And he looked stressed as hell.


Some of us can’t appreciate the progress we’ve made because we’re distracted by other people’s success.

Everything happens at the right moments in our lives.

Don’t negate the progress. Don’t take the process for granted because the joy is in the journey.

A few years ago I learned how to solved a Rubik’s cube. After solving it for the first time, I found it wasn’t as hard as I thought. But I still wanted to be like others who can solved the cube in seconds, forgetting that being able to solve it in the first place is enough.


Like solving a Rubik’s cube, finding our place and purpose in this life could take a while. But the time it takes to figure it out is irrelevant. What matters is completing the objective. Live your life at your own pace.

This is not a race. This is your life.

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